2 Work analysis/Job profiling and off-duty hours
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2 Work analysis/Job profiling and off-duty hours

  2.1 With the help of a crew list, different job categories (groups) will be defined.

  • Example:

  • - Master

  • - Chief engineer

  • - Electrician

  • - Cook

  • - etc.

  2.2 For each job category, a job profile has to be defined individually. The job profile is related to the work spaces on board the vessel.

  • Example:

  • - Wheelhouse

  • - Ship office

  • - Machinery control room

  • - Workshop

  • - Engine-room

  • - Galley

  • - etc.

  2.3 For each job category, the working shift is to be divided into partitions (i) related to the work spaces. A similar assessment should be made for off-duty hours (the partitions are based on estimations by the owner/operator/employer).


 A full day for an electrician may be divided into the following partitions:

i = 1 Workshop = Ti = 5 hours
i = 2 Machinery control room = Ti = 2 hours
i = 3 Ship office   = Ti = 2 hours
i = 4 Engine-room   = Ti = 1 hour
i = 5 Off-duty   = Ti = 14 hours
  Total   = Ttotal= 24 hours

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