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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Marine Environment Protection Committee - Resolution MEPC.172(57) - Establishment of the Date on which Regulation 5(1)(a) of MARPOL Annex V in respect of the Mediterranean Sea Area Special Area shall Take Effect - (Adopted on 4 April 2008) - The Marine Environment Protection Committee,

The Marine Environment Protection Committee,

 RECALLING Article 38 of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Committee,

 NOTING regulation 5(1)(a) of Annex V of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto (MARPOL 73/78), defines the Mediterranean Sea area as a Special Area under the said Annex,

 NOTING ALSO the definition of the Special Area under MARPOL Annex V, i.e. a sea area where for recognized technical reasons in relation to its oceanographical and ecological condition and to the particular character of its traffic the adoption of special mandatory methods for the prevention of pollution of the sea by garbage, is required,

 NOTING FURTHER the information provided at MEPC 57 by Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey, representing States bordering the Mediterranean Sea area Special Area, that adequate reception facilities are provided in all major ports within the said Special Area, in accordance with the provisions of regulation 5(4)(a) of MARPOL Annex V,

 HAVING CONSIDERED the matter to establish the date, on which the discharge requirements of regulation 5(1)(a) of MARPOL Annex V in respect of the Mediterranean Sea area Special Area shall take effect,

  1 DECIDES that the discharge requirements for Special Areas in regulation 5 of MARPOL Annex V for the Mediterranean Sea area Special Area shall take effect on 1 May 2009, in accordance with the requirements set out in regulation 5(4)(b) of MARPOL Annex V;

  2 ENCOURAGES Member Governments and industry groups to comply immediately on a voluntary basis with the Special Area requirements for the Mediterranean Sea area;

  3 REQUESTS the Secretary-General to notify, in conformity with regulation 5(4)(b) of MARPOL Annex V, all Parties to MARPOL of the aforementioned decision by 30 April 2008; and

  4 FURTHER REQUESTS the Secretary-General to notify all Members of the Organization of the aforementioned decision.

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