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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Maritime Safety Committee - Resolution MSC.302(87) Adoption of Performance Standards for Bridge Alert Management (Adopted on 17th May 2010) - The Maritime Safety Committee,

The Maritime Safety Committee,

 RECALLING Article 28(b) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Committee,

 RECALLING ALSO resolution A.886(21) on Procedure for the adoption of, and amendments to, performance standards and technical specifications, by which the Assembly resolved that the function of adoption of performance standards and technical specifications, as well as amendments thereto, shall be performed by the Maritime Safety Committee,

 RECOGNIZING the need to prepare performance standards harmonizing the priority, classification, handling, distribution and presentation of alerts, to enable the bridge team to devote full attention to the safe operation of the ship and to immediately identify any alert situation requiring action to maintain the safe operation of the ship,

 RECOGNIZING ALSO that a central alert management human machine interface (CAM-HMI) for presenting alerts as individual alerts or as aggregated alerts supports the bridge team in the immediate identification of any abnormal situation, of the source and reason for the abnormal situation and in its decisions for the necessary actions to be taken,

 NOTING that further guidance on the presentation of alerts is provided in the Code on Alerts and Indicators, 2009 (resolution A.1021(26)) which is intended to provide general design guidance and to promote uniformity of type, location and priority for alerts and indicators,

 HAVING CONSIDERED, at its eighty-seventh session, the recommendation made by the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation at its fifty-fifth session,

  • 1. ADOPTS the Performance standards for bridge alert management, set out in the Annex to the present resolution;

  • 2. RECOMMENDS Governments:

    • .1 to encourage the use of Bridge Alert Management on the ships flying their flags;

    • .2 that central alert management (CAM) and central alert management human machine interface (CAM-HMI), if installed on the bridge on or after 1 July 2014, conform to performance standards not inferior to those set out in Annex to the present resolution; and

    • .3 to encourage that the general requirements of modules A and C of the performance standards set out in Annex to the present resolution are applied to relevant equipment on the bridge presenting alerts on or after 1 July 2014.

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