The Assembly
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The Assembly

  Noting Article 16(i) of the IMCO Convention concerning the functions of the Assembly,

  Noting also that at this session it adopted a new Part H of Chapter II of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1960, in respect of fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction in passenger ships and, in particular, Regulation 108(c) which requires that each special category space shall be fitted with an approved fixed fire extinguishing system which shall protect all parts of any deck and vehicle platform, if any, in such spaces,

  Recognizing that the adoption of specific requirements in respect of fixed fire extinguishing systems for the vehicle spaces of passenger ships having drive-on/drive-off facilities might inhibit the development of new fire extinguishing systems for use in such spaces,

  Having considered the Recommendation on the fixed fire extinguishing system for special category spaces adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee at its fifteenth session (Annex II, MSC XV/22),

  Recommends that Contracting Governments, when approving the fixed fire extinguishing system for special category spaces, should satisfy themselves that any such system is at least as effective in controlling a flowing petrol fire as a fixed pressure water-spraying system, complying with the requirements set out in the Annex to this Resolution,

  Invites governments concerned:

  • (1) to put the measures recommended into effect as soon as possible and

  • (2) to inform the Secretary-General of this accordingly.

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