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9.3 Inert gas blowers

  9.3.1 To a limited degree, internal visual inspection will reveal damage at an early stage. Diagnostic monitoring systems should be used as they greatly assist in maintaining the effectiveness of the equipment. By fitting two equal-sized blowers or, alternatively, supplying and retaining on board a spare impeller with a shaft for each blower, an acceptable level of availability is ensured. Visual inspection through the available openings in the blower casing is adequate for this purpose.

  9.3.2 An inspection of inert gas blowers should include:

  • .1 internal inspection of the blower casing for soot deposits or signs of corrosive attack;

  • .2 examination of fixed or portable washing system;

  • .3 inspection of the functioning of the fresh water flushing arrangements, where fitted;

  • .4 inspection of the drain lines from the blower casing to ensure that they are clear and operative;

  • .5 observation of the blower under running conditions for signs of excessive vibration, indicating too large an imbalance.

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