Regulation 3 - Bulwarks, rails and guards
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - International Conventions - SFV - International Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels (The Torremolinos Convention)Regulations for the Construction and Equipment of Fishing Vessels - Chapter VI - Protection of the Crew - Regulation 3 - Bulwarks, rails and guards

Regulation 3 - Bulwarks, rails and guards

  (1) Efficient bulwarks or guard rails shall be fitted on all exposed parts of the working deck and on superstructure decks if they are working platforms. The height of bulwarks or guard rails above deck shall be at least 1 m. Where this height would interfere with the normal operation of the vessel, a lesser height may be approved by the Administration.

  (2) The minimum vertical distance from the deepest operating waterline to the lowest point of the top of the bulwark, or to the edge of the working deck if guard rails are fitted shall ensure adequate protection of the crew from water shipped on deck, taking into account the sea states and the weather conditions in which the vessel may operate, the area of operation, type of vessel and its method of fishing and shall be to the satisfaction of the Administration.footnote

  (3) Clearance below the lowest course of guard rails shall not exceed 230 mm. Other courses shall not be more than 380 mm apart, and the distance between stanchions shall not be more than 1.5 m. In a vessel with rounded gunwales, guard rail supports shall be placed on the flat of the deck. Rails shall be free from sharp points, edges and corners and shall be of adequate strength.

  (4) Means to the satisfaction of the Administration, such as guard rails, lifelines, gangways or underdeck passages, shall be provided to protect the crew in moving between accommodation, machinery and other working spaces. Storm rails shall be fitted as necessary to the outside of all deckhouses and casings to secure safety of passage or work for the crew.

  (5) Stern trawlers shall be provided with suitable protection such as doors, gates or nets at the top of the stern ramp at the same height as the adjacent bulwark or guard rails. When such protection is not in position a chain or other means of protection shall be provided across the ramp.

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