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9.4 Deck water seal

  9.4.1 This unit performs an important function and must be maintained in good condition. Corroded inlet pipes and damage to float-controlled valves are not uncommon. The overboard drain line and connection are also possible sources of trouble.

  9.4.2 An inspection of the deck water seal should include:

  • .1 Opening for internal inspection to check for:

    • .1.1 blockage of the venturi lines in semi-dry type water seals;

    • .1.2 corrosion of inlet pipes and housing;

    • .1.3 corrosion of heating coils;

    • .1.4 corroded or sticking floats for water drain and supply valves and level monitoring.

  • .2 Testing for function:

    • .2.1 automatic filling and draining: check with a local level gauge if possible;

    • .2.2 presence of water carry-over (open drain cocks on inert gas main line) during operation.

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