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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Marine Environment Protection Committee - Resolution MEPC.282(70) 2016 Guidelines for the Development of a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) (Adopted on 28 October 2016) - Appendix 2 - Sample Form of Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection Plan (Part II of the SEEMP)

Appendix 2 - Sample Form of Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection Plan (Part II of the SEEMP)

1 Ship particulars

Name of ship  
IMO number  
Ship type  
Gross tonnage  
EEDI (if applicable)  
Ice class  

2 Record of revision of Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection Plan

Date of revision Revised provision

3 Ship engines and other fuel oil consumers and fuel oil types used

  Engines or other fuel oil consumers Power Fuel oil types
1 Type/model of main engine (kW)  
2 Type/model of auxiliary engine (kW)  
3 Boiler ()  
4 Inert gas generator ()  

4 Emission factor

CF is a non-dimensional conversion factor between fuel oil consumption and CO2 emission in the 2014 Guidelines on the method of calculation of the attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships (resolution MEPC.245(66)), as amended. The annual total amount of CO2 is calculated by multiplying annual fuel oil consumption and CF for the type of fuel.

Fuel oil Type CF (t-CO2 / t-Fuel)
Diesel/Gas oil (e.g. ISO 8217 grades DMX through DMB) 3.206
Light fuel oil (LFO) (e.g. ISO 8217 grades RMA through RMD) 3.151
Heavy fuel oil (HFO) (e.g. ISO 8217 grades RME through RMK) 3.114
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (Propane) 3.000
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (Butane) 3.030
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) 2.750
Methanol 1.375
Ethanol 1.913
Other ()  

5 Method to measure fuel oil consumption

The applied method for measurement for this ship is given below. The description explains the procedure for measuring data and calculating annual values, measurement equipment involved, etc.

Method Description

6 Method to measure distance travelled


7 Method to measure hours underway


8 Processes that will be used to report the data to the Administration


9 Data quality


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