Article 9 - Communication and Exchange of Information
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Article 9 - Communication and Exchange of Information

  (1) Each Party undertakes to communicate to the Organization:

  • (a) a list of the nominated surveyors or recognized organizations which are authorized to act on behalf of that Party in the administration of matters relating to the control of anti-fouling systems in accordance with this Convention for circulation to the Parties for the information of their officers. The Administration shall therefore notify the Organization of the specific responsibilities and conditions of the authority delegated to nominated surveyors or recognized organizations; and

  • (b) on an annual basis, information regarding any anti-fouling systems approved, restricted, or prohibited under its domestic law.

  (2) The Organization shall make available, through any appropriate means, information communicated to it under paragraph (1).

  (3) For those anti-fouling systems approved, registered or licensed by a Party, such Party shall either provide, or require the manufacturers of such anti-fouling systems to provide, to those Parties which request it, relevant information on which its decision was based, including information provided for in Annex 3, or other information suitable for making an appropriate evaluation of the anti-fouling system. No information shall be provided that is protected by law.

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