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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Assembly - IMO Resolution A.1029(26) Global Integrated Shipping information System (GISIS) (Adopted on 26 November 2009) - The Assembly

The Assembly

 RECALLING Article 15(j) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Assembly in relation to regulations and guidelines concerning maritime safety and the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships,

 RECALLING ALSO that one of the goals of the Organization is to ensure the consistent and effective implementation of IMO instruments globally and compliance with their requirements,

 RECALLING FURTHER that, since 2004, the Strategic Plan for the Organization has promoted the effective use of information and communication technology and the availability of, and access to, information relating to ship safety and security and environmental protection (i.e. transparency),

 NOTING WITH SATISFACTION that the Secretariat of the Organization launched the Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) in 2005, in order to allow direct reporting by Member States in compliance with existing requirements and access to data compiled by the Secretariat,

 NOTING ALSO that, since 2006, the biennial priorities of the Organization have highlighted the role of GISIS in the creation of a knowledge and information-based Organization through improved management and dissemination of information making use of appropriate technology,

 APPRECIATING that, since the launch of GISIS, the Secretariat of the Organization has been increasing the number of modules released and under development, together with expanded reporting, access and search facilities in order to enhance the supporting role of the system for the fulfilment of the mandate of the Organization concerning maritime safety and security and environmental protection,

 RECOGNIZING the fact that the system relies heavily on the active participation of Member States, in particular regarding their compliance with mandatory reporting requirements, as well as the provision of data on a voluntary basis,

 RECOGNIZING ALSO the importance of GISIS as a high-quality, comprehensive and up-to-date centralized repository of information relevant to all areas of the Organization's work and potentially that of other agencies of the United Nations, as appropriate,

 RECOGNIZING FURTHER that GISIS aims at facilitating, inter alia, Member States' compliance with reporting requirements; coordination with relevant intergovernmental organizations, internal processes of review and validation of data; research on trends; statistical analysis, decision-making and monitoring of the Organization's performance in the framework of the Strategic Plan,

 HAVING CONSIDERED the contributing role of the IMO Committees and their subsidiary bodies to the development of the system,

  1. EXPRESSES ITS APPRECIATION to those Member States that are already significantly involved in the population of data into the system;

  2. URGES Member States and intergovernmental organizations to make ample use of the facilities for the reporting and transfer of data into the system, to be reviewed by relevant IMO organs for consistency with the requirements contained in international instruments, as appropriate;

  3. ALSO URGES Member States specifically to use GISIS reporting facilities to sustain and, even, enhance compliance with mandatory reporting requirements, as contained in those mandatory instruments to which they are Parties, thereby potentially assisting them in the context of the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme;

  4. FURTHER URGES Member States to make as much use as possible of the GISIS reporting facilities regarding data to be provided on a non-mandatory basis and to support the development and harmonization of the collection of data provided voluntarily;

  5. CALLS UPON Member States to work towards the improvement of the quality of the data being collected through GISIS by implementing comprehensive validation processes when entering data into the system;

  6. ENCOURAGES Member States, the IMO organs, international organizations and all other stakeholders of the global maritime community to raise awareness of the existing and potential use of GISIS, including to the maritime industry as well as to the public, not only for compliance with reporting requirements, but also as a tool to support research work and the adoption of international and national policies on maritime safety and security and environmental protection;

  7. REQUESTS the Secretary-General to continue developing the system in close cooperation with Member States, the IMO organs, international organizations and all other stakeholders of the global maritime community, as appropriate.

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