Regulation 19 - Fire safety
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Regulation 19 - Fire safety

Fire prevention

  (1) Special consideration shall be given to high pressure fuel oil pipes. Where practicable, leakages from such piping systems shall be collected in a suitable drain tank which shall be provided with a high level alarm.

  (2) Where daily service fuel tanks are filled automatically or by remote control, means shall be provided to prevent overflow spillages. Similar consideration shall be given to other equipment which treats flammable liquids automatically, e.g. fuel oil purifiers, which whenever practicable shall be installed in a special space reserved for purifiers and their heaters.

  (3) Where fuel oil daily service tanks or settling tanks are fitted with heating arrangements, a high temperature alarm shall be provided if the flashpoint of the fuel oil can be exceeded.

Fire detection

  (4) An approved fire detection system based on a self-monitoring principle and including facilities for periodical testing shall be installed in machinery spaces.

  (5) The detection system shall initiate both audible and visual alarm in the wheelhouse and in sufficient appropriate spaces to be heard and observed by persons on board, when the vessel is in harbour.

  (6) The fire detection system shall be fed automatically from an emergency source of power if the main source of power fails.

  (7) Internal combustion engines of 2,500 kW and over shall be provided with crankcase oil mist detectors or engine bearing temperature detectors or equivalent devices.

Fire fighting

  (8) A fixed fire-extinguishing system shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Administration, which shall be in compliance with the requirements of regulations V/22 and V/40.

  (9) In vessels of 75 m in length and over provision shall be made for immediate water delivery from the fire main system either by:

  • (a) remote starting arrangements of one of the main fire pumps in the wheelhouse and at the fire control station, if any; or

  • (b) permanent pressurization of the fire main system, due regard being paid to the possibility of freezing.footnote

  (10) The Administration shall be satisfied with the maintenance of the fire integrity of the machinery spaces, the location and centralization of the fire-extinguishing system controls, the shut-down arrangements referred to in regulation 24, e.g. ventilation, fuel pumps, etc., and may require fire-extinguishing appliances and other fire-fighting equipment and breathing apparatus in addition to the relevant requirements of chapter V.

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