9.9 The role of the ship recycling industry
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9.9 The role of the ship recycling industry

  9.9.1 The ship recycling industry itself is an important stakeholder with responsibilities for the adoption and implementation of these Guidelines even though the standards and methods of operation in those shore-based industries involved in ship recycling do not fall within the remit of IMO. However, the ship recycling industry has an important role in establishing control standards in their facilities that can contribute towards ensuring the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of time-expired ships.

  9.9.2 The ship recycling industry should:

  • .1 take due note of available technical guidance on ship recycling such as the guidelines adopted by ILO and the Parties to the Basel Convention and those developed by national bodiesfootnote and Recognised Organizationsfootnote;

  • .2 develop a code of practice appropriate to that industry, as guidance on work practices in relation to shore-based activities in recycling facilities to ensure acceptable environmental, safety and health standards and to monitor its application;

  • .3 encourage appropriate international bodies to endorse any such industry code of practice;

  • .4 encourage recycling facilities to make available details regarding procedures for the chosen method for the safe handling of hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos, PCBs and PABs, halon/freon, oily residues) and working practices in enclosed spaces;

  • .5 improve the quality management system of the recycling facilities by implementing measures as proposed by the relevant technical guidelines and by improving the skills of the personnel and the quality of the equipment; and

  • .6 establish adequate waste management systems.

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