Appendix 3 Elements to be Included in an Agreement
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Appendix 3 Elements to be Included in an Agreement

 A formal written agreement or equivalent between the flag State and the RO should, as a minimum, cover the following items:

  1 Application

  2 Purpose

  3 General conditions

  4 The execution of functions under authorization:

  • .1 Functions in accordance with the general authorization

  • .2 Functions in accordance with special (additional) authorization

  • .3 Relationship between the organization's statutory and other related activities

  • .4 Functions to cooperate with port States to facilitate the rectification of reported port State control deficiencies or the discrepancies within the organization's purview

  5 Legal basis of the functions under authorization:

  • .1 Acts, regulations and supplementary provisions

  • .2 Interpretations

  • .3 Deviations and equivalent solutions

  6 Reporting to the flag State:

  • .1 Procedures for reporting in the case of general authorization

  • .2 Procedures for reporting in the case of special authorization

  • .3 Reporting on classification of ships (assignment of class, alterations and cancellations), as applicable

  • .4 Reporting of cases where a ship did not in all respects remain fit to proceed to sea without danger to the ship or persons on board or presenting unreasonable threat of harm to the environment

  • .5 Other reporting

  7 Development of rules and/or regulations Information:

  • .1 Cooperation in connection with development of rules and/or regulations liaison meetings

  • .2 Exchange of rules and/or regulations and information

  • .3 Language and form

  8 Other conditions:

  • .1 Remuneration

  • .2 Rules for administrative proceedings

  • .3 Confidentiality

  • .4 Liabilityfootnote

  • .5 Financial responsibility

  • .6 Entry into force

  • .7 Termination

  • .8 Breach of agreement

  • .9 Settlement of disputes

  • .10 Use of subcontractors

  • .11 Issue of the agreement

  • .12 Amendments

  9 Specification of the authorization from the flag State to the organization:

  • .1 Ship types and sizes

  • .2 Conventions and other instruments, including relevant national legislation

  • .3 Approval of drawings

  • .4 Approval of material and equipment

  • .5 Surveys

  • .6 Issuance of certificates

  • .7 Corrective actions

  • .8 Withdrawal of certificates

  • .9 Reporting

  10 The flag State's supervision of duties delegated to the organization:

  • .1 Documentation of quality assurance system

  • .2 Access to internal instructions, circulars and guidelines

  • .3 Access by the flag State to the organization's documentation relevant to the flag State's fleet

  • .4 Cooperation with the flag State's inspection and verification work

  • .5 Provision of information and statistics on, e.g. damage and casualties relevant to the flag State's fleet.

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