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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Specifications and Manuals - Inert Gas Systems - 9 Maintenance and Testing - 9.8 Suggested maintenance programme

9.8 Suggested maintenance programme

Component Preventive maintenance Maintenance interval
Flue gas isolating valves Operate the valve Before start-up and one week
  Cleaning with compressed air or steam Before operating valve
  Dismantling for inspection and cleaning Boiler shutdown
Flue gas scrubber Water flush After use
  Cleaning of demister Three months
  Dismantling of level regulators and temperature probes for inspection Six months
  Opening for full internal inspection Dry-docking
Overboard pipes and valve from flue gas scrubber Flushing with scrubber water pump for about one hour After use
  Dismantling of the valve for overhaul, inspection of pipeline and overboard end Dry-docking/repair period
Blowers Vibration check While running
  Flushing After use
  Internal inspection through hatches After flushing and six months
  Dismantling for full overhaul of bearings, shaft tightenings and other necessary work Two years or more frequently if required/dry- docking
Deck water seal Dismantling of level regulators/float valves for inspection Six months
  Opening for total internal inspection One year
  Overhaul of auto-valves One year
Deck mechanical nonreturn valve Moving and lubricating the valve is necessary One week and before start
  Opening for internal inspection One year/18 months
Pressure/vacuum valves Operating and lubricating the valves Six months
  Opening for full overhaul and inspection One year
Deck isolating valve Opening for overhaul One year
Gas pressure regulating system Removal of condensation in instrument, air supply Before start
  Opening of gas pressure regulating valves for overhaul As appropriate
Liquid-filled pressure/vacuum breaker Check liquid level when system is at atmospheric pressure When opportunity permits and every six months

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