Regulation 54
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Regulation 54

  Verification of compliance

  (1) Every Contracting Government shall be subject to periodic audits by the Organization in accordance with the audit standard to verify compliance with and implementation of the present Convention.

  (2) The Secretary-General of the Organization shall have responsibility for administering the Audit Scheme, based on the guidelines developed by the Organizationfootnote.

  (3) Every Contracting Government shall have responsibility for facilitating the conduct of the audit and implementation of a programme of actions to address the findings, based on the guidelines developed by the Organizationfootnote.

  (4) Audit of all Contracting Governments shall be:

  • (a) based on an overall schedule developed by the Secretary-General of the Organization, taking into account the guidelines developed by the Organizationfootnote; and

  • (b) conducted at periodic intervals, taking into account the guidelines developed by the Organizationfootnote.

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