Article VIII Dispensation
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Article VIII Dispensation

  (1) In circumstances of exceptional necessity, Administrations, if in their opinion this does not cause danger to persons, property or the environment, may issue a dispensation permitting a specified seafarer to serve in a specified ship for a specified period not exceeding six months in a capacity, other than that of the radio officer or radiotelephone operator, except as provided by the relevant Radio Regulations, for which he does not hold the appropriate certificate, provided that the person to whom the dispensation is issued shall be adequately qualified to fill the vacant post in a safe manner, to the satisfaction of the Administration. However, dispensations shall not be granted to a master or chief engineer officer except in circumstances of force majeure and then only for the shortest possible period.

  (2) Any dispensation granted for a post shall be granted only to a person properly certificated to fill the post immediately below. Where certification of the post below is not required by the Convention, a dispensation may be issued to a person whose qualification and experience are, in the opinion of the Administration, of a clear equivalence to the requirements for the post to be filled, provided that, if such a person holds no appropriate certificate, he shall be required to pass a test accepted by the Administration as demonstrating that such a dispensation may safely be issued. In addition, Administrations shall ensure that the post in question is filled by the holder of an appropriate certificate as soon as possible.

  (3) Parties shall, as soon as possible after 1 January of each year, send a report to the Secretary-General giving information of the total number of dispensations in respect of each capacity for which a certificate is required that have been issued during the year to seagoing ships, together with information as to the numbers of those ships above and below 1,600 gross register tons respectively.

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