8 Reporting and Evaluation of Survey
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Assembly - IMO Resolution A.744(18) Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Surveys for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (Adopted on 4 November 1993) - Annex A - Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Surveys for Bulk Carriers - Part A - Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Survey of Bulk Carriers Having Single-side Skin Construction - 8 Reporting and Evaluation of Survey

8 Reporting and Evaluation of Survey

8.1 Evaluation of Survey Report

  8.1.1 The data and information on the structural condition of the ship collected during the survey should be evaluated for acceptability and continued structural integrity of the ship.

  8.1.2 The analysis of data should be carried out and endorsed by the Administration and the conclusions of the analysis should form a part of the condition evaluation report.

8.2 Reporting

  8.2.1 Principles for survey reporting are shown in annex 6.

  8.2.2 When a survey is split between different survey stations, a report should be made for each portion of the survey. A list of items examined and/or tested (pressure testing, thickness measurements etc.) and an indication of whether the item has been credited, should be made available to the next attending surveyor(s), prior to continuing or completing the survey.

  8.2.3 A condition evaluation report of the survey and results should be issued to the owner as shown in annex 7 and placed on board the ship for reference at future surveys. The condition evaluation report should be endorsed by the Administration.

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