List of products to which the Code does not Apply
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List of products to which the Code does not Apply

 18.1 The following are products which have been reviewed for their safety and pollution hazards and determined not to present hazards to such an extent as to warrant application of the Code.

18.2 Although the products listed in this chapter fall outside the scope of the Code, the attention of Administrations is drawn to the fact that some safety precautions may be needed for their safe transportation. Accordingly, Administrations shall prescribe appropriate safety requirements.

18.3 Some liquid substances are identified as falling into Pollution Category Z and, therefore, subject to certain requirements of MARPOL Annex II.

18.4 Liquid mixtures which are assessed or provisionally assessed under regulation 6.3 of MARPOL Annex II as falling into Pollution Category Z or OS, and which do not present safety hazards, may be carried under the appropriate entry in this chapter for "Noxious or Non-Noxious Liquid Substances, not otherwise specified (n.o.s.)".


Product name The product name shall be used in the shipping document for any cargo offered for bulk shipments. Any additional name may be included in brackets after the product name. In some cases, the product names are not identical with the names given in previous issues of the Code.
Pollution Category The letter Z means the Pollution Category assigned to each product under Annex II of MARPOL. OS means the product was evaluated and found to fall outside Categories X, Y, or Z.
Product Name   Pollution Category
Acetone   Z
Alcoholic beverages, n.o.s.   Z
Apple juice   OS
n-Butyl alcohol   Z
sec-Butyl alcohol   Z
Calcium carbonate slurry   OS
Clay slurry   OS
Coal slurry   OS
Ethyl alcohol   Z
Glucose solution   OS
Glycerol ethoxylated   OS
Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate   OS
Isopropyl alcohol   Z
Kaolin slurry   OS
Lecithin   OS
Maltitol solution   OS
Microsilica slurry   OS
Molasses   OS
Noxious liquid, (11) n.o.s. (trade name ., contains ....) Cat. Z   Z
Non noxious liquid, (12) n.o.s. (trade name ...., contains ....) Cat.OS   OS
Orange juice (concentrated)   OS
Orange juice (not concentrated)   OS
Potassium chloride solution (less than 26%)   OS
Propylene glycol   OS
Sodium acetate solutions   Z
Sodium bicarbonate solution (less than 10%)   OS
Sorbitol solution   OS
Sulphonated polyacrylate solution   Z
Tetraethyl silicate monomer/oligomer (20% in ethanol)   Z
Triethylene glycol   OS
Vegetable protein solution (hydrolysed)   OS
Water   OS

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