Appendix 1 - Sample of EEDI Technical File
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Circulars - Marine Environment Protection Committee - MEPC.1/Circular.855/Rev.2 - 2014 Guidelines on Survey and Certification of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), as amended (Resolution MEPC.254(67), as amended by Resolution MEPC.261(68) and Resolution MEPC.309(73)) (14 January 2019) - Appendix 1 - Sample of EEDI Technical File

Appendix 1 - Sample of EEDI Technical File

1 Data

1.1 General information

Shipbuilder JAPAN Shipbuilding Company
Hull no. 12345
IMO no. 94111XX
Ship type Bulk carrier

1.2 Principal particulars

Length overall 250.0 m
Length between perpendiculars 240.0 m
Breadth, moulded 40.0 m
Depth, moulded 20.0 m
Summer load line draught, moulded 14.0 m
Deadweight at summer load line draught 150,000 tons

1.3 Main engine

Manufacturer JAPAN Heavy Industries Ltd.
Type 6J70A
Maximum continuous rating (MCR) 15,000 kW x 80 rpm
SFC at 75% MCR 165.0 g/kWh
Number of sets 1
Fuel type Diesel Oil

1.4 Auxiliary engine

Manufacturer JAPAN Diesel Ltd.
Type 5J-200
Maximum continuous rating (MCR) 600 kW x 900 rpm
SFC at 50% MCR 220.0 g/kWh
Number of sets 3
Fuel type Diesel Oil

1.5 Ship speed

Ship speed in deep water at summer load line draught at 75% of MCR 14.25 knots

2 Power curves

The power curves estimated at the design stage and modified after the speed trials are shown in figure 2.1.

Figure 2.1: Power curves

3 Overview of propulsion system and electric power supply system

3.1 Propulsion system

3.1.1 Main engine
  • Refer to paragraph 1.3 of this appendix.

3.1.2 Propeller

Type Fixed pitch propeller
Diameter 7.0 m
Number of blades 4
Number of sets 1

3.2 Electric power supply system

3.2.1 Auxiliary engines
  • Refer to paragraph 1.4 of this appendix.

3.2.2 Main generators

Manufacturer JAPAN Electric
Rated output 560 kW (700 kVA) x 900 rpm
Voltage AC 450 V
Number of sets 3

Figure 3.1: Schematic figure of propulsion and electric power supply system

4 Estimation process of power curves at design stage

Power curves are estimated based on model test results. The flow of the estimation process is shown below.

Figure 4.1: Flow-chart of process for estimating power curves

5 Description of energy saving equipment

5.1 Energy saving equipment the effects of which are expressed as PAEeff(i) and/or Peff(i) in the EEDI calculation formula


5.2 Other energy saving equipment


5.2.1 Rudder fins

5.2.2 Propeller boss cap fins

(Specifications, schematic figures and/or photos, etc. for each piece of equipment or device should be indicated. Alternatively, attachment of a commercial catalogue may be acceptable.)

6 Calculated value of attained EEDI

6.1 Basic data

Type of ship Capacity DWT Speed Vref
Bulk Carrier 150,000 14.25

6.2 Main engine

Shaft gen. PME (kW)

Type of fuel

15,000 N/A 11,250 Diesel Oil 3.206 165.0

6.3 Auxiliary engines

PAE (kW) Type of fuel CFAE SFCAE(g/kWh)
625 Diesel Oil 3.206 220.0

6.4 Ice class


6.5 Innovative electrical energy efficient technology


6.6 Innovative mechanical energy efficient technology


6.7 Cubic capacity correction factor


6.8 Calculated value of attained EEDI

attained EEDI: 2.99 g-CO2/ton mile

7 Calculated value of attained EEDIweather

7.1 Representative sea conditions

Mean wind
Mean wind
wave height
Mean wave
Mean wave
BF6 12.6 (m/s) 0 (deg.)* 3.0 (m) 6.7(s) 0 (deg.)*

* Heading direction of wind/wave in relation to the ship's heading, i.e. 0 (deg.) means the ship is heading directly into the wind.

7.2 Calculated weather factor, fw

fw 0.900

7.3 Calculated value of attained EEDIweather

attained EEDIweather: 3.32 g-CO2/ton mile

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