The Conference of Contracting Governments
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The Conference of Contracting Governments

  1 The Conference of Contracting Governments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, convened on 24, 27 and 28 November 1997 to consider and adopt amendments to the Convention aimed at enhancing the safety of bulk carriers, adopted new SOLAS chapter XII - Additional safety measures for bulk carriers, in particular regulation XII/11 on Loading instruments.

  2 In that connection, the Conference also adopted resolution 5 on Recommendation on loading instruments, the text of which is attached at annex 1, where reference is made to IACS's Recommendation No.48 on loading instruments.

  3 In adopting the above resolution, the Conference urged SOLAS Contracting Governments to:

  • .1 apply the above-mentioned IACS recommendation when approving loading instruments, as required by SOLAS regulation XII/11 for ships not yet fitted with an approved loading instrument; and

  • .2 ensure that loading instruments already fitted on ships to which SOLAS regulation XII/11 applies have been approved in accordance with the standards of the recognized organizations.

  4 At the request of the Conference, the text of the aforementioned IACS's recommendation is reproduced in annex 2 to the present circular.

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